Tips for Caring for Stroke Patients at Home

Only one key is needed in caring for stroke patients in the home, with extraordinary patience. Why is it amazing? Because, with patience levels are normal, not be able to provide good care.

It should be understood that the stroke patient, emotionally experiencing deterioration of the situation themselves. Previously, they could go even run, can speak to sing, can feed themselves as they pleased, and now all the circumstances that changed, becoming dependent on others so that the patient feels generally useless maybe even to depression.

Tips for Caring for Stroke Patients at Home

1. Care of stroke patients should be more than one, so that the work can be divided.

2. Select rooms are close to the bathroom, dining room, or kitchen.

3. Arrange furniture or equipment that is easy to use by the patient.

4. Ensure high bed of the patient, in accordance with the activities of daily care and use leak-proof layer between the mattress and sheets.

5. Create an atmosphere of calm and pleasant. Avoid talking about the inability of the patient. Do not force the patient to do something. We recommend using the advice or persuasion.

6. Help patients to take care of themselves, the extent to which that can be done, encourage the patient to take responsibility for training activities undertaken.

7. Praise all efforts.

8. Do not assume that the patient can not use his mind. Keep the same relationship as before he suffered a stroke.

9. Help the patient to maintain a relationship with the outside world and other people just like before the patient suffered a stroke.

10. Frequently invite the patient to get out of bed, and if the patient is not able, take a seat while eating food. If at all possible, help with frequently turned to prevent pressure sores.

11. If possible, help patients move in his own abilities.

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