Preoperative and Postoperative Otosclerosis - Nursing Diagnosis

Surgical treatment has been available for about 45 years. The first operation for this disease was the fenestration procedure, which required mastoid surgery and an artificial opening in another part of the inner ear. The attention of the ear surgeons then became focused on the diseased stapes itself and the stapes mobilization procedure was developed. With the improvement in surgical technique, the treatment of choice then became the stapedectomy. This operation was first performed in 1956.

The stapedectomy operation involves the removal of the diseased bone and its replacement with an artificial substitute. Local or general anesthesia is used. The surgery usually takes place entirely through the ear canal so that no outer incisions are made.

Nursing Care Plan for Otosclerosis

Otosclerosis Preoperative Nursing Diagnosis

1. Disturbed Sensory Perception: Auditory
related to decreased sensory reception.

2. Impaired Verbal Communication
related to loss of facial muscle control.

3. Acute Pain
related to the suppression of bone mass in the ear.

4. Self-esteem disturbance
related to changes in body function.

5. Risk for Injury
related to the vertigo.

6. Activity intolerance
related to the vertigo.

7. Anxiety
related to the crisis situation.

8. Knowledge Deficit
related to not know the information.

Otosclerosis Postoperative Nursing Diagnosis

1. Impaired Skin Integrity
related to an incision in the skin of the ear tissue.

2. Acute Pain
related to extensive ear surgery.

3. Self-esteem disturbance
related to changes in the skin barrier in the presence of scar tissue.

4. Risk for Infection
related to tissue damage secondary to ear surgery.

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