Nursing Intervention for Hospitalization - Play Therapy

The focus of nursing interventions:
  • Minimize stressors
  • Maximize the benefits of hospitalization provide psychological support to family members
  • Prepare the child before entering the hospital

1. Efforts to minimize stressors can be done by:
  • Prevent or reduce the impact of separation
  • Prevent feelings of loss of control
  • Reduce / minimize the fear of injury and body pain

2. Efforts to prevent / minimize the impact of separation
  • Involving parents take an active role in childcare
  • Modification of the treatment room
  • Maintain contact with school activities: correspondence, meeting classmates

3. Prevent feelings of loss of control:
  • Avoid physical restrictions if the child can be cooperative.
  • When children do modifications isolated environment
  • Create a schedule for the therapeutic procedure, exercise, play
  • Giving children the opportunity to make decisions and involve parents in planning activities.

4. Minimizing the fear of bodily injury and pain
  • Prepare psychologically for children and parents to act procedures that cause pain.
  • Make the game before the child's physical preparation.
  • Bringing parents whenever possible.
  • Show empathy.
  • In elective action whenever possible actions performed by telling stories, pictures. Need to do a psychological assessment of the child's ability to receive this information openly.

5. Maximizing the benefits of child hospitalization
  • Help the development of children by giving parents the opportunity to learn.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the child's illness.
  • Improving the ability of self-control.
  • Provide opportunities for socialization.
  • Giving support to family members.

6. Preparing children for treatment in hospital
  • Prepare the treatment room according to the stage of the child's age.
  • Orient the hospital situation.

On the first day you should take:
  • Introduce nurses and doctors
  • Introduce the patient to another.
  • Give the identity of the child.
  • Explain the rules of the hospital.
  • Implement assessment
  • Perform a physical examination

Play Therapy

Definition of play
  • Natural way for children to express the conflict within him unconscious.
  • Activities carried out in accordance with his own wishes to obtain pleasure.

Play is an activity
  • fun / enjoyable
  • physical
  • intellectual
  • emotion
  • social
  • to learn
  • mental development
  • play and work

Purpose of playing in the hospital
  • To be able to resume normal growth and development during hospitalization.
  • To express their thoughts and feelings and fantasies through the game.

Principles of play in hospital
  • does not require a lot of energy
  • time is short
  • easy to do
  • safe
  • age group
  • not opposed to therapy
  • involving the family

Function plays
  • sensory motor activity
  • cognitive development
  • socialization
  • creativity
  • therapeutically moral development
  • communication

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