Benefits of Papaya Fruit for the Human Body

What are the benefits of papaya fruit for the human body ..

Papaya plants are everywhere. And papaya have many health benefits for the human body. In addition to a delicious fruit to eat, leaves and flowers are also good for vegetables that would be delicious taste. Almost all parts of the papaya plant can be utilized.

1. As an acne medicine.

Take 30 grams of papaya leaf aging. Then drying and mash until smooth. Add 30 cc of water, and then used as a mask in advance of existing acne, avoid contact with eyes, made ​​it easy.

2. As improving digestion.

The leaves of the papaya plant, contain chemical compounds carpain. Substances that can kill microorganisms that often interfere with digestion.

3. Increase appetite.

Take 100 grams of papaya leaves, crushed, give 150 cc of water, then strain. Add honey to taste. Drink 2 times a day. It is usually given to children who are difficult to eat.

4. Overcoming fever in children.

Use 200 grams of ripe fruit, mix 300 grams pumpkin, add rock sugar. Blender and Drinks. If things do not improve immediately taken to the doctor, just think of this for first aid!

5. Anti cancer.

It is still uncertain, but from several studies that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti-cancer. Actually, not only the leaves but also stems papaya can be used. Since both have milky latex (sap white like milk).

6. Overcoming burns.

Use papaya latex is applied on burns, or young papaya, crushed, and then apply on the sore spot.

Apparently many well benefit from the fruit of this one .. besides it tastes good, it turns out, papaya can also as a means of healing of various diseases.

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