Role and Function of Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care - Role and Function

Home Care (HC)

Home health services are nursing services provided to patients in the home, which is synthesized from community nursing services and specific technical skills that come from certain health specialties, the individual-focused nursing care, involving family, with the goal of healing, maintain and improve health physical, mental / emotional patients.

Home Care (HC) by Habbs and Perrin, 1985 is a health services performed at the patient's home (Lerman D. & Eric B.L, 1993) so that home care nursing services in a nursing home patient who has gone through a long history.

Rice. R, (2001) identify the types of cases that can be served in the home care program that covers common cases of post-treatment in hospitals and clinics special cases and are usually found in the community. Common case is the post-treatment in hospital are:
  1. Clients with COPD
  2. Clients with heart failure
  3. Clients with impaired oxygenation
  4. Clients with chronic injury suffered
  5. Clients with diabetes
  6. Clients with urinary dysfunction
  7. Clients with medical conditions of recovery (rehabilitation)
  8. Clients with home infusion therapy
  9. Clients with impaired function persyarafan
  10. Clients with AIDS

While cases with special conditions, include:
  1. Clients with post partum
  2. Clients with mental health disorders
  3. Clients with conditions of old age
  4. Clients with terminal condition (Hospice and Palliative care)
(Rice R, 2001., Allender & Spradley, 2001)

1. Case manager: manage and collaborate on services, with the function:
  • Identifying the needs of patients and families
  • Service plan
  • Coordinate the activities of the team
  • Monitor the quality of service

2. Implementing provide direct services and evaluate the service with the function:
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment
  • Nursing plan
  • Nursing action
  • Observe the patient's condition
  • Assist patients in developing effective coping behavior
  • Involve families in service
  • Guiding all family members in health maintenance
  • To evaluate the nursing care
  • Documenting nursing care.

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