Physical and Psychic Changes In The Menopause

Physical and Psychic Changes In The Menopause

Physical Changes In The Menopause

Due to the cessation of menstruation, various reproductive organs will be amended. Uterus having anthropic, penile length, and wall thinning. Myometrial tissue (uterine muscle) becomes less and contains more fibrotic tissue (fibrous nature of the excess). Neck of the womb (cervix) to shrink, not protruding into the vagina, even after a long time will be evenly distributed to the vaginal wall.

The folds of the oviduct becomes shorter, thinner, and puckered. Hair shakes that existed at the end of the fallopian tubes or fimbria disappear.

Due to changes in the reproductive organs and the body's hormones during menopause affects various physical state of a woman's body. This state of discomfort in the form of complaints that arise in everyday life.

Physical Changes In The Menopause :

1) Hot flushes

It is an incredible burning sensation on the face and upper body (such as the neck and chest). By touching hands will feel an increase in temperature in the area. Hot flushes occur due to the sensitive tissues or that depend on estrogen to be affected when estrogen levels decline. Radiant heat is thought to be a result of the influence of hormones in the brain that is responsible for regulating body temperature.

2) Excessive Sweat

How it works exactly is not known, but the radiant heat in the body due to the influence of the hormones that regulate the body's thermostat at a lower temperature. As a result, the air temperature felt comfortable initially, suddenly became too hot and the body starts to heat and sweat to cool itself. In addition, the life of a woman, vaginal tissues become thinner and reduced humidity as estrogen levels decline. Other symptoms experienced by women are sweating at night.

3) Dry Vagina

Changes in the reproductive organs, such as the vaginal area which can cause pain during intercourse. In addition, due to lack of estrogen causes vaginal epithelial disruption complaints, supporting tissue and the elasticity of the vaginal wall. In fact, vaginal epithelium contains many estrogen receptors which help reduce pain in intercourse.

4) Unable to hold urine

As age increases, urine is often not arrested at the time of sneezing and coughing. This is due to decreased estrogen so any impact is urinary incontinence (unable to control bladder function). Keep in mind, the walls and the female urethral smooth muscle layer also contains many estrogen receptors. Estrogen deficiency leads to impaired urethral closure and the changing patterns of abnormal flow of urine becomes so easy to avoid infection in the lower urinary tract.

5) The loss of supporting tissue

Low levels of estrogen in the body affects the collagen tissue that serves as the supporting tissue of the body. The loss of collagen causes dry skin and wrinkles, hair split apart, falling out, teeth easily shake and bleeding gums, canker sores, broken nails, and the onset of pain and soreness in the joints.

6) Weight gain

When she started at the age of 40, his body is usually easy to be fat, but otherwise very difficult to lose weight. According to the study, each of the past 10 years, will increase weight or body gradually widens laterally. This is apparently something to do with the decline in estrogen and Substance exchange disorders of fat metabolism.

7) Eye Disorders

Lack and loss of estrogen production affects tear glands so that eyes feel dry and itchy.

8) bone and joint pain

Along with the increasing age of the organ no longer hold some remodeling, including bone. Fact, undergo a process of decline due to the effect of changes in other organs. In addition, with increasing age diseases arising increasingly diverse. This is of course related to women's fitness and health.

Psychic Changes In The Menopause :

In addition to the physical, psychological changes also affect the quality of life of a woman in undergoing the menopause. Indeed, psychological changes during the menopause greatly depends on each individual. The effect is highly dependent on the views of each woman's menopause. Enough knowledge will help them understand and prepare himself through this period better.

Psychic Changes In The Menopause :

1. Psychological changes that appear

In women pramenoupose emerging concerns, caused by physical and hormonal changes, which resulted in the sensitive emotions. On the basis of emotion towards activities are divided into four types, namely: fear, anger, love and depression.

2. Range of emotions resulting from psychic change woman in the face menopause:
  • Angry, frustrated people to move against the source.
  • Anxiety, the move left the source of frustration.
  • Depression, people stop opening responses and emotions turned into his own

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