Activity Intolerance - Hypertension Nursing Interventions

Nursing Care Plan fro Hypertension

Nursing Diagnosis for Hypertension : Activity Intolerance related to general weakness, imbalance between supply and oxygen demand.


Having given nursing care are expected to perform activities that are tolerated.

Expected outcomes:
  • clients participate in activities desired / required.
  • reported an increase in tolerance activity can be measured.
  • showed a decrease in physiological signs of intolerance.

Nursing Intervention:

1. Assess the client's response to the activity, attention pulse rate more than 20 times per minute in the frequency of breaks; significant increase in BP during / after activity, dyspnea, chest pain; excessive fatigue and weakness; diaphoresis; dizziness or fainting.

2. Instruct patients about energy saving techniques, eg, using the bath seat, sitting as combing hair or brushing teeth, doing activities slowly.

3. Encourage activity / self-care gradually if tolerated. Provide assistance as needed.


1. Mention parameter helps in assessing response to stress physiology and activity when there is an indicator of excess work-related activity levels.

2. Energy saving technique reduces energy reduction also helps balance between supply and oxygen demand.

3. Progress activity increased gradually to prevent sudden cardiac work, provide only limited assistance needs will encourage independence in their daily activities.

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