Knowledge Deficit: Illness Care

Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge Deficit

After nursing intervention, increased client knowledge.
Knowledge: Illness Care
with criteria:

  • Knowing diet
  • The disease process
  • Energy Conservation
  • Control of infection
  • Treatment
  • Activities recommended
  • Procedure of treatment
  • Regimen
  • Health resources
  • Disease management
Nursing Interventions:
Teaching: Dissease Process
  1. Assess the level of knowledge of the client and family about the disease process.
  2. Describe the pathophysiology of the disease, signs and symptoms and possible causes.
  3. Provide information about the condition of the client.
  4. Prepare the client's family or the people who mean the information about the client's development.
  5. Provide information on the diagnosis of the client
  6. Discuss lifestyle changes that may be needed to prevent complications in the future, and or control the disease process.
  7. Discuss the choice of therapy or treatment.
  8. Explain the reason for the implementation of the action or therapy.
  9. Encourage clients to explore options or obtain alternative.
  10. Describe complications that may occur.
  11. Encourage clients to prevent side effects of the disease.
  12. Dig resources or support available.
  13. Instruct the client to report signs and symptoms to health care workers.
  14. Collaboration with other teams.

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