Beware of Snacks Made from Formaldehyde (Formalin)

Formaldehyde Formalin
We understand  together that the snack is a diverse kind. The main ingredients and seasonings are very diverse. Of course from a variety of snacks is not derived from formalin ingredients (preservatives).

If there is formaldehyde in the snack product (in this case is not wrapped), it is most likely derived from:
  1. Additional Materials Food or other materials mixed in the process.
  2. Containers problematic process, meaning that it contains formaln.
  3. Formalin deliberately given by the manufacturer.
For the number 3, the chances are rare, there is usually  an accident, if there is a mistake, it  does not know. But the important thing is to recognize the characteristics  of foods containing these  ingredients for safety  formalin.

Know that  formalin also called formol or formaldehyde solution, which is an aqueous solution containing  about 37 percent by weight or 40 percent by volume of the compound  formaldehyde (HCHO)  and 6-13 percent metahnol.

Methanol is used to reduce formaldehyde solution stabilizer and prevents the formation of formaldehyde polymerization into paraformaldehid buildup.

Formalin  Material Characteristics:
  • Not color.
  • Smelling sharp.
  •  Sense of burning.
Formalin Function:
  • Preservatives body.
  • Disinfectant.
  • Sterilize room (fumigation).
Formalin Side Effects:

1. Formalin that enter the body.
  • Poisoning body.
  • Stomach irritation.
  • Vomiting.
  • Central nervous system disorders.
  • Allergies.
  • At high levels can lead to failure of blood circulation.
2. Gas or vapor:
  • Causes eye irritation.
  • Trigger bronchitis.
  • Respiratory Tract disturbed.
3. Exposed Skin:
  •  Allergies.
  •   Taste like burning.
4. Formalin is karsogenik (can cause cancer).
Therefore, if using formalin, need protection so skin contact is not direct.

The food was preserved with formalin, of course banned for dangerous and damaging to human health.

Recognize  the characteristics of foods  containing formalin.

To identify foods that contain formaldehyde include:
  • Looks more springy when pressed.
  • Fish or meat seemed more rigid.
  • It smells stimulate the nose.
  • Flies are not willing to settle on foods containing formalin.

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