Stress and Various Body Reaction

Stress is often defined briefly as the pressures often faced everyday. At issue come off, people often define themselves easily in these circumstances.

In fact, if you want in terms of a complete medical, stress covers a very wide aspect included in the reactions they cause the body's systems, in other words, stress is not only related to the mind forever.

The complete, stress can be defined as a physical and spiritual burden that cross the threshold of one's body, and indeed, in terms of the most common, many stress triggers associated with emotional factors including thoughts, though besides that contributes to physical factors As with the trigger.

There are many physical factors that are meant here, including air pollution, temperature, heat, noise exceeds the threshold, and so on, in other words, the environment is very easy to come up as these stressors.

Stress and Various Body Reaction

People often do not realize that stress factors closely related to the body's reaction to adverse health. The cause of most diseases today, from a lot of research done by the experts, find stress plays an important role in causing serious illness and even play a role in cell mutation causing periodic cancer cases.

The background is actually the main trigger for the reaction that resulted in a set of circumstances where the body ended up losing a lot of important aspects in the working process so that one can be drastically lowered immune system, as the main factors that play a role in fighting the disease. When we deal with stress, the body will hold in an integrated response to deal with stressors (things that act as triggers stress) is.

There are several mechanisms that have now proven, and some are associated with hormonal systems, which stress will automatically cause the brain to enable the system to trigger the secretion of hormones.

And experts say this hormonal mechanism may explain the lower resistance of the state of stress is induced, at least as one of the most relevant factors to find the relationship significantly.

Stress and Hormonal Factors

From some research, most trigger secretion of stress hormone cortisol, which this hormone will then work to coordinate all systems in the body including the heart, lungs, circulation, metabolism and immune system in the reaction it causes.

The secretion of this hormone explains why when faced with stress in blood pressure and heart rate increases rapidly. The increase in the respiratory system is the lungs will cause extra work to pick up more oxygen to increase blood circulation also in all parts of the body from the muscles to the brain, and the increase mentioned some research can go up to 300% beyond normal limits.

As a result, not only can feel the heart pounding, but the whole body including the transpiration system will also increase rapidly.

In addition to the hormone cortisol, there are other hormones that play a role in this reaction, including catecholamine hormones composed of active substance dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine are more commonly known as adrenaline. Besides increasing the secretion of hormones that closely related to the increase in the body's systems work, catecholamines was also turns on a system of long-term memory will recall the same stressor on subsequent events and suppress parts of the brain that play a role in short-term memory.

In one study, short-term memory suppression is considered the experts as the main factors that cause people no longer can easily think rationally when they are affected by stress.

Immune System and Body Metabolism

From setting up the center was hormonal, immune system will enable multiple tracks on the skin, bone marrow and lymph nodes to be more attentive to the stress resistance.

Blood flow in the skin will usually be reduced to be diverted to other organs is more important that people who face stress usually easy to sweat, which in layman's terms is often called a cold sweat.

The flow of fluid in the mouth is also reduced so that will be easy to feel dry mouth and the muscles will tighten around the throat making it difficult to perform activities including speech and swallowing.

Against the body's metabolic system as a whole, the experts had to explain the effect of the stress response process various vitamins and minerals lost due to excessive secretion of adrenal hormones, because the production of this hormone is closely related to the role of various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and C, iron, potassium and calcium.

Consequently, not only the loss of vitamins and minerals was the problem, but also the effect continued to the immune defense and that was one of the essential role of vitamins and minerals in the body is an important factor constituent, such as vitamin C plays a role in the body's defenses and B vitamins play a role in the regulation of the nervous system.

Furthermore, the decline in all of these systems will affect the normal intake of the body where the sufferer is usually a little rest, insomnia, lack of appetite while they have to expend excessive energy to cope with the stress they experience, so the loss of nutrients becomes important benchmark here.

Psychological processes that occur too easily can lead to various diseases known
as psychosomatic ranging from dizziness, diarrhea, mualmuntah, muscle and joint pain, and many other functions impaired as a result of disruption of the body's various systems mentioned above.

Of the many mechanisms by which they are discovered, the experts who conducted the research in this field mention again that the magnitude of the role of stress in triggering various diseases unnoticed by the sufferer would even by medical personnel themselves, it is important to trace the causes of stress events affecting patients in a system integrated treatment, and according to them again, it also explains why some diseases can find a good healing progression after the stress factor is involved is handled.

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